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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

BigTime Video Job

The Participatory Culture Foundation is now hiring a full time developer to work on our grassroots video platform. We need someone with a serious commitment to our projects and professional experience.


* Real world experience building PHP/MySQL applications from the ground up.
* You must be comfortable investigating, understanding, and working with other people’s code.

Helpful, but not necessary:

* You have worked on large projects as a freelancer
* You know Javascript inside and out
* You have skills and experience hacking in Python or C
* You live near Worcester, Massachusetts (Boston, CT, NYC, etc) - You’ll be working remotely, but it’s nice to meet up sometimes.

The Participatory Culture Foundation is a very small non-profit organizations. We have some funding that will let us pay roughly $3,300 a month for this position and possibly more in the future. We’re hoping to find someone who has the skill level to be making much more in the private sector, but is in it for the love. That’s why we’re all here.
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Participatory Culture Foundation

RSS and Bittorrent create the opportunity for anyone to make a television channel with full-screen video that can be watched by thousands or millions of people, with no broadcasting costs. Finally, real competition in television and truly independent television becoming the mainstream.

We're building a video broadcasting tool for your website called 'Broadcast Machine'. This free web software is built on top of our open-source project Blog Torrent. It makes video publishing with BitTorrent (or http) as simple as attaching a file to an email. You can choose to add extensive metadata. And the channels it creates are RSS feeds, so the standard is open to anyone.
Participatory Culture Foundation

Participatory Culture Foundation

We are building a free and open-source desktop television application tentatively known as DTV. Subscribe to a channel and video will download in the background (Channels are RSS feeds, so there's already dozens of compatible channels out there). When a new video arrives, DTV will let you know. It's that simple.

And it goes further: you can turn off auto-download for channels that you want to browse-- pick things that look interesting and they'll go into the download queue. To keep disk space under control, TiVO-like caching will expire videos after you've watched them to make room for new stuff. Keep anything you like and build a video library. Integrated donating via PayPal lets you support creators directly.
Participatory Culture Foundation